A family away from home.

Whether you are a freshman or a returning member, welcome. CASA is a student organization on campus dedicated to providing new and old students with a place to celebrate Chinese culture and meet new people. Don’t be discouraged! This organization is not reserved solely for Chinese American students. We have a multi-cultural melting pot of a family and we unite under social, cultural, and community-based interests. Stay tuned for upcoming GMs, family events, weekend retreats, tailgates, and much more!

Upcoming Events:

Thursday, April 23rd – All Cal Clubbing




President – Ray Huang

EVP – Charlene Nguyen

IVP – Sarah Vu

Secretary/Treasurer – Jeff Wang

Alumni Relations Director – Tyler Chan

Athletics Director – Roland Wen

C3 Representative – Heidi Homma

Culture Show Directors – Kristie Ko, Nico Ransinangue

Cultural-Community Director – Jason Chen

Events Director – Jenn Tran

General Staff – Calvin Huang

Publicity Director – Alex Barthelemy

Publicity Director/Webmaster – Michelle Huang

Social Director – Holly Liu

Historian – Emily Levin

Senior Advisors – Justine Huang, Sandra Luo

Staff Advisor – Jerry Lin

Follow Us!

We have exciting events coming up, so make sure to add our events to your calendar. To keep up with USC CASA, visit our Facebook group page. See you there!  

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